Project Description

“The longer I practice, the more and more I have naturally been able to include and see is as part of the dharma work. Part of the expression on the nature of reality.”

Jogen, a Zen practitioner 

“When I started Mantra Bio, I decided that what I want to create was a place where people felt safe. People felt there well being was the highest priority.”

Alex, a Zen practitioner 

“Being a martial artist of 25 years, how does that work. How do I incorporate that. And what is so interesting is how all it ties together.”

Mara, a Theravada practitioner 

“In working with that level of darkness and suffering, it force me to get a larger perspective.”

Rachel, a Theravada practitioner 

“I really need, and want and wish to help people. Show me a way.”

Shinchok, a Vajrayana practitioner