Project Description

“Some of the practices we have done like my year to live class I did was a very a profound practice.”

Kim, a Thervada practitioner 

“Had taught me to doing Metta to Amazing Grace, to the melody. I would play this song over and over.”

Linda, a Zen practitioner  

“If I had something that was scaring me, there is the green tara practice. which is the freedom from fear. and it would work and it was amazing.”

Bryn, a Vajrayana practitioner 

“Things like the five Buddha families. learning about them has help too. That too again is about us.”

Dottie, a Vajrayana practitioner 

“Chod literally means cutting through. Cutting through the personality. I found with doing it, it’s helping me to notice what is the personality and how i am identifying with it.”

Phyllis, a Varjayana practitioner

“The most difficult for me was empathetic joy. the third heart practice. did i really have joy arise when other people have good things happen to them?”

Mara, a Thervada practitioner