Project Description

“Vajrayana is the resultant vehicle. That has actually given me a lot of, taken away actually the idea of there being some goal. I can be much more content.”

Dottie, a Vajrayana practitioner


“If I had gone the Zen route, I think it would have enforcing of my bad habits. Whereas this being out of my natural way, actually it was helpful. It shook me up.”

Byrn, a Vajrayana practitioner 

“There isn’t anything wasted in ritual in  Vajrayana. Everything, you can think of it as holographic. “

Michael, a Vajrayana practitioner 

“He said if you want to get to from california to new york. you can walk, ride a bicycle, you could drive a car or take the airplane. Vajrayana is kinda like taking the airplane.”

Phyllis, a Vajrayana practitioner 

“Vajrayana practice is passionate people. For people who have very alive emotions very alive senses and don’t want to be renouncing the world and sitting in a cave …straight away.”

Clare, a Vajrayana practitioner