Project Description

“There has been 3 important things in my life, one was getting clean, the other was having my daughter. And the third, the great revolution in my life was finding the dharma. “

Ryan, a thervada practitioner

“My parents were both vipassana meditation teachers. Since, I was born and a baby, we started welcome people into our home to sit.”

Kim, a Theravada practitioner 

“I remember the talk that got me, hook into dharma. He was talking about sitting and not about sitting on the cushion.”

Mara, a Theravada practitioner 

“I listened, and not just to the talk to the teacher gave but to the practices and something just..actually, i think i recognize something that was a big fat yes coming at me.”

Dottie, a Vajrayana practitioner 

“I actually came to Buddhism kicking and screaming. I was dealing with some chronic pain and I was assign meditation as way to learn to relax my body. I didn’t want to do it. I was convince I was terrible at it.”

Lisa, a Theravada practitioner 

“I love the fact that there as something that you can do. none of the other people that came and talk said okay, everyday you can sit down and do something that can do to change your life. It was so direct.”

Bryn, a Vajrayana practitioner 

“It was a typographical error and it said that it was a 11 step meeting. And being fragile and not entirely well yet, I thought that isn’t a 12 step meeting. I will try it out!”

Dick and Bonnie, a Mahayana practitioner 

“In my family and my life there was this very early disruption and really clear impact of impermanence and lost. So growing up, I had this qaulity of sorrow around that lost and the family was very fragmented by that. “

Jogen, a Mahayana practitioner