Project Description

“What the buddhist practice did is caused me to have a very clear realization that this isn’t about my mom. None about it is about my mom.”

Linda, a Zen practitioner 

“I have been learning that sometimes that just listening rather than shouting. allows more change to happen in a positive way.”

Dick and Bonnie

“It’s real challenging to approach each day with a fresh and clean slate. That is where practice becomes so valuable. “

Kim, a Thervada practitioner

“I have a partner Tom. Really with him, I think they say, that someone like that is your greatest teacher.”

Dottie, a Varjayana practitioner 

“The way you can tell the fruit of your practice is by what is showing up in your life and in particularly how your relationships were going.”

Bryn, a Varjayana practitioner 

“The longer we have been together, i really see less of myself less as an individual but kind of this idea of emptiness being in our relationship.”

Emma and Jude, Vajrayana practitioners 

“It is such a example of here we are in the drama and things are important and ..we gotta go meditate and you meditate and you got distance from it.”

Willy and Kim, Vajrayana practitioners