Project Description

“I was really young and naïve when I did my 3 year retreat. And I thought it was going to be blissful. It was really really hard. “

Rigzin, a Vajrayana practitioner 

“There is a certain magic, to when you fully commit to doing the practice. There is a certain potency that comes forward.”

Jogen, a Zen practitioner 

“It allows you to let your mind to drop into a stillness that can’t do, you can’t will it to happen. “

Karen, a Zen practitioner 

“Just to be open and honest and to share some of teachings without being insecure with men. It’s very expressive, it can be very primal, very intimate.”

Tamara, Thich Nhat Hang lineage 

I definitely think there are certain kinds of experiences that for me have been accessible in retreat that changes you that doesn’t go away.

Aaron, a Zen practitioner