Project Description

“there is a joy, we can all laugh together. sometimes we cry together. and that’s profound.”

Bryn, a Varjayana practitioner 

“For me, I think community is the foundation of practice.”

Ryan, a Theravada practitioner 

“When our sangha fell apart last year, it was a really painful experience for a lot of us. And it was a valuable lesson too.”

Kim, a Thervada practitioner 

“For us, the sangha as thich nhat has sometimes said, the sangha may be the Buddha of the future.”

Dick and Bonnie , Thich Nhat Han lineage

“In around relationships, around love, around finding purpose in life. finances alot of these areas are a little sticky. Were able to come out in the support of the sangha and very candidly so.”

Alex M, a Zen practitioner 

“If I had a magic bullet of getting through to people of how vital this human connection.”

Jeff, a Theravada practitioner 

“For me, it’s so clear. there was a me running alone when there wasn’t a sangha. and i did 8748 and i did pretty good and I am think i am done. and the sangha isn’t going to let me make up stuff like that.”

Willy and Kim, Vajrayana practitioners