Project Description

“His style, when you go to see him on one to one, he is not necessarily going to be warm and fuzzy. Because that is not his role. Whereas when you go to minister or priest, you’re not going to get confronted.”

Dottie, a Vajrayana practitioner 

“The student teacher is, it kinda makes me laugh because i think that there is so much we project on a teacher.”

Bryn, a Vajrayana practitioner 

“For me my teachers, to me, are people are that in inspire to keep practicing, because i see that they are the living embodiment of so many of these teachings.”

Kim, a Thervada practitioner

“But yet those meetings are so important to me. My appreciation to what i have gain since i have started since i have started doing sanzen with him is almost depthless. it’s that valuable a piece of the picture.”

Linda, a Zen practitioner 

“The teachers aren’t there to tell you how to think, what to think, how to act, there to point you to in the direction of your true heart, your true self.”

Shinchok, a Vajrayana practitioner 

“It’s all about the boundaries. and i think we’re really fortunate to have had teachers that have clear boundaries. “

Emma and Jude, Vajrayana practitioners 


“I think it works in the east and it doesn’t very well in the west. it elevates, it makes people think that the teacher is somehow special or superior in someway.”

Genjo, a Zen practitioner 

“That’s a big stumbling block that happen for people and i think there is so many fallen teachers in the west. Because there is unrealistic projection upon them.”

Michael, a Vajrayana practitioner 

“There also a sense deep dharma work is that we have to fully expose ourselves to ourselves. And in a way you can’t do that by yourself. Because the mechanism of self deception are so deep that we don’t want to see who we are. “

Jogen, a Zen practitioner