Without a doubt, this trip was motivated by my desire to leave the grey winters of Michigan. I hadn’t done a winter migration before so I wasn’t sure that the end of january was quite the best time given that I would be sleeping in my van for most of the trip. For the most part, it work out fine as the only snow storm was on my way into Great Smokey National Park and my time there was very brief. My next stop was Asheville and unfortunately, most of the RV parks there wouldn’t accommodate my van so I ended up just stealth camping on the streets! Asheville was a great town and I am looking forward to revisiting it when it’s a bit warmer! On these types of road trips, I was able to secure at least 1-2 interviews  in some cities and the rest of the time I was checking out the great outdoors. Felt grateful to be able to do some meaningful work on the road and also get to enjoy all america has to offer in amazing landscapes. You can see more photos from Big Bend NP other spots on my personal site