Mindfulness, as a practice, has demonstrated its effectiveness in various facets of modern life. Delve into the rich tradition where mindfulness serves as a foundation for true liberation and is increasingly relevant on a personal and cultural level. Through real-life stories shared by lay practitioners, discover why Buddhism proves to be remarkably effective in navigating the challenges of this degenerate age.

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Exploring Buddhism
In today’s diverse landscape of belief systems, ranging from traditional religions to secular frameworks, it becomes imperative to explore the relevance of Buddhism in addressing contemporary personal and global challenges.
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Navigating the path Embarking on the initial stages of the Buddhist path requires an open mind and an investigative mindset. The non-dogmatic framework and diverse practices may pose a challenge in finding the right starting point. Learn more. Dive In Deepen the practice As one progresses further on the path, the potential for transformation expands both in nature and acceleration. While the practice may yield personal benefits, the essence of the Buddhist path transcends individual achievements. Participate Support spreading the dharma by sharing your practice and stories to educate others on its relevance in today's world. Learn How

Initiated as a photography book concept in 2016, this long-term multimedia project has evolved to adapt to how people consume information in today's digital age. While the project's culmination will take the form of a book, the ultimate goal is to provide it as a free resource for all individuals curious about Buddhism. May the generosity of these spiritual friends in sharing their stories serve as an inspiration for your own transformative journey.


Instead of exclusively relying on books and teachers, consider seeking the guidance of a spiritual companion on your journey. Lay practitioners provide a tangible example of how the dharma can be embodied in daily life, sharing personal experiences and illustrating how their practice has influenced relationships, work, and engagement with global issues. Gain a unique perspective and find inspiration for true liberation on the path through their unscripted interviews.
Lennell Lennell is a professor and have explored many different spiritual traditions before committing to the Buddhist path within the Won lineage. She recalls how she overcame her intellectual propensity to make the dharma a living experience. Learn about her story. Mark Mark is Ngagpa (ordained non-monastic practitioner) in the Tibetan Lineage. Early in his journey, he recognized the importance of formal teacher and has evolved to becoming a teacher himself within 20 years. Learn about his path. Rigzin Rigzin's journey into the dharma is particularly interesting considering the intimacy she has had with Tibetan lineage masters. Her experience runs the gamut of having completed the traditional 3 year retreat, marrying a Tibetan lama and living as a modern day yogi with wolves. Listen to her journey. Alex Alex is the CEO of a bio tech company in the Bay Area. His upbringing had the 'typical' Asian immigrant narrative and he dutifully fulfilled those expectations. As he practice deepened in the Zen lineage, he brings his practice into his work environment in many ways. Learn about his story. Cythnia Cythnia's journey into the dharma was through AA's 12 step program. Like others that achieved 'success' from the western perspective and recognized its limitation, she pivoted her life into finding true liberation through the teachings. Listen to her story. Kim Kim was fortunate to be born into a family of Buddhist practitioners. Even so, her journey was not without it's twist and turns. From the implosion of Against the Stream sangha to incorporating other traditions, she makes the path her own. Watch her interview. Christoper Christopher was drawn to a spiritual path since his teenage years and explored a number of traditions including Mormonism. Even though he was interested in Zen and Jodo Shinshu lineages, he ultimately crafted own practice and founded the Salt Lake City Buddhist Fellowship. Hear his story.

What began as a passion project has transformed into an ongoing practice. As my personal spiritual journey continues to mature, it undoubtedly shapes the narrative of this project. Recognizing that I am neither a scholar nor a journalist, the project serves as a humble means to accumulate merit and wisdom, intended for the benefit of all beings.

{{excerpt}} {{title}} {{date}} READ MORE Given the stage of my practice, I am not one to seek many empowerments but when I heard Shenchen Rabjam was visiting the US, I felt the tingle to seek out his blessings. Since the passing of the yangsi of Dudjum Rincophe last year, i felt a lost of connection to the Nyingma  lineage and... Shechen Rabjam Empowerments October 28, 2023 READ MORE {{excerpt}} {{title}} {{date}} READ MORE Although I experimented with this idea during a trip to upstate NY last year, I anticipate more interesting results this time around while exploring national parks. Weaving dharma into these epic hiking adventures feels appropriate  , and incorporating dharma into daily activities has gradually become a regular part of my mind training beyond meditation.  Northern Spring Tour 2023 April 8, 2023 READ MORE {{excerpt}} {{title}} {{date}} READ MORE In the past year, my karmic propensity has led to many encounters with Guru Rinpoche, aka, the founder of Tibetan Buddhism. Just a few weeks ago when I was working on redoing the home page of this website, I was tempted to reuse the famous quote by Guru Rinpoche about when Buddhism would come to... Buddhism and Quantum Physics December 29, 2022 READ MORE {{excerpt}} {{title}} {{date}} READ MORE {{excerpt}} {{title}} {{date}} READ MORE {{excerpt}} {{title}} {{date}} READ MORE {{excerpt}} {{title}} {{date}} READ MORE {{excerpt}} {{title}} {{date}} READ MORE {{excerpt}} {{title}} {{date}} READ MORE Drupchen Visual Journey July 23, 2021 READ MORE Tattooed Buddha Interview May 31, 2021 READ MORE Highlights from first leg March 9, 2021 READ MORE Ngondro December 30, 2020 READ MORE Pandemic Update October 30, 2020 READ MORE Buddhist Films January 5, 2020 READ MORE Great Vow Monastery December 22, 2019 READ MORE Pilgrimage December 18, 2019 READ MORE Introducing Video July 31, 2019 READ MORE Classification and Interactivity July 28, 2019 READ MORE A Multimedia Project July 6, 2019 READ MORE Expansion and Commitment June 23, 2019 READ MORE

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