I am not a big fan of putting things in neat boxes and classifying people in terms of what lineage they follow or at what stage they’re at on their journey. Still, as my intention to make this website a more interactive resource than just a linear format of a book or documentary, I have classified the subjects along the lines of lineages and stages of development to provide a mechanism in which views can explore a specific categories/tags. Although everyone’s story will be unique, I suspect that are are themes that can be gleaned from exploring a collection of traits such as lineage and backgrounds. For example, because i have been exposed to many vajrayana practitioners through my own practice, I have noticed some themes around the personality that are drawn into this lineage. 


Ultimately, i think finding people that resonate with your own personal experience on this path is not just a reassuring feeling but intellectually satisfying as well. Meanwhile, I am beginning to explore the use of a map to showcase the subjects and dharma centers that I had the pleasure of engaging in. It’s probably not that useful considering the low number of data points but maybe it can become interesting at the project progress.