Even though I had been literally ‘sitting’ on this project for over 10 years when I got the inspiration during a meditation retreat at Spirit Rock, this month marks a major shift for the project. Over the past few years, I have worked on this project as a hobby for a lack of a better word, squeezing in shoots on weekends and etc. Given the ambition of the project and the rate of progress, I was thinking that this was going to take 3-5 years to complete. In addition, what started as coffee table book has now expanded to multimedia project which would ultimately culminate  in documentary movie around the subject manner. Having lived in the Bay Area for over 20 years and have been thinking about leaving the area for numerous reasons, I am aligning the expansion of this project with my own pivot of leaving my comfortable lifestyle behind to engage deeper with this project. With things moving very fast for me during this transition, I am scrambling to lay the ground work for the infrastructure of this project such as revamping the website and starting the social media platforms so that I can start producing regular updates on the road. Yes, I am doing a road trip across America for the next year to highlight practitioners and find brotherhood on the path.