In this day in age of attention deficits and instant gratification, I had short debate on how much video I wanted to incorporate into this project. Nonetheless, it become pretty evident that the stories that people were sharing and their passion for the subject manner warrant my commitment to this medium. Although I had always enjoy the poetic nature of photography, there is no doubt I am drawn to the long form that is video and power that medium can assert when done well. I has always been weary of doing video as part of my profession, knowing how much time it takes to sit in front of a computer to edit a piece that I would really care about. At any rate, fast forward to now where I have enough resources to outsource the editing portion of video and I am excited to explore this medium more in the next year. Meanwhile, I am still working out the questions to ask people to extract out themes from their journeys and these 3 videos would be a fine example of such  a theme.