The local community

Practicing Buddhism in the west is like a like being a fish out of water. Given very low numbers of actual practitioners and the antagonistic view with the rest of western culture, the practice can be a very lonely experience. Hence, finding a community of like minded individuals is vital to sustaining the practice.  In this modern era, the concept of the sangha has expanded considerably with the advent of virtual communities but the essence of how the sangha support remains the same. 


Retreats have been a long tradition in Buddhist practice  and the temporary community/intense practice that is provides is quite rewarding when one is able to set aside the time to commit to it. 

The project will also explore the hybrid mode of non monastic practitioners in the context of ‘residential/retreat’ centers.  

Monastic Community 

The monastic institution of Buddhism in the west is clearly in it’s infancy compared to the East. In this section, the project will explore a few of the more well known institutions that serve the monastic community and provide a glimpse into this tradition. 


More relevant than ever.


The Buddha

The teacher reimagined.