the Dharma

Of the three pillars of Buddhism, the dharma is the most vital component by which most practitioners have the most intimate relationship with. Although we rely on the teachers and community to accelerate our growth on the path, the dharma would translate to the set of teachings and practices that we would work with on a daily basis. From basic meditation to the most esoteric teachings,   the project will explore the most significant practices/teachings that practitioners utilize to transform their lives. 

The Teachings

From the 4 Noble Truths to the 4 thoughts that turn the mind towards Dharma, the philosophical underpinning of the dharma are easily accessible  by the vastness books by teachers and the internet.  The project will explore the teachings that are most relevant in this age where integration with daily life is critical to truly transform our experience. 


With the mindfulness movement reaching an ever increasing secular context, meditation as a Buddhist practice has a rich history. Just like any other tool, the motivation and wise application of the tool is critical within Buddhist life. Explore how practitioners from different lineages view and work with this practice. 

The Practice

The transformative nature of Buddhist teachings/practices require a consistent commitment, just like any habit that we want to have to produce results. Whether we just start out with a 5 min a daily meditation practice to 3 year retreat, the consistently of the practice plays a vital role in advancing the practice.  

Other Practices

Beyond meditation, there are countless of practices that practitioners utilize to cultivate enlighten qualities  and navigate challenges of the modern world. From loving kindness (metta) to mind training (lojong), it is not enough to stabilize the mind through meditation. With specific practices, we work with the specific obstacles that are unique to our own experience.