In the past year, my karmic propensity has led to many encounters with Guru Rinpoche, aka, the founder of Tibetan Buddhism. Just a few weeks ago when I was working on redoing the home page of this website, I was tempted to reuse the famous quote by Guru Rinpoche about when Buddhism would come to the west. The first iteration of the website had the quote so his influence was from the get go. As time progress and I learned more about his activities through books and movies such as this one, my appreciation and his influence continues to this day. Certainly, he is quite relevant in my ngondro practice since Dudjom Tersar lineage is from Nyingma school. In the las year, the concept of devotion to guru has sunk in a bit more as I set my intention on developing a formal teacher. Even though I finished doing the prerequisite 10,000 recitation of the 7 line prayer as part of preparing for the ngondro practice, I decided to restart this practice as my understand of mantra and devotion has evolved. In particular, these videos that i’ve watched in the past year has really solidify my appreaction of mantras and what it means to have devotion to Guru Rinpoche.  

Although quantum physics is way beyond my intellectual reach, I still find it amazing to simply think about the possibility of these ancient practices being about to transcend time. The question of how mantras can be a blessing from the lineage masters and how termas are soundly addressed in these videos. Considering that they’re freely available on youtube is certainly a model I can subscribe as I work on this project.