Given the stage of my practice, I am not one to seek many empowerments but when I heard Shenchen Rabjam was visiting the US, I felt the tingle to seek out his blessings. Since the passing of the yangsi of Dudjum Rincophe last year, i felt a lost of connection to the Nyingma  lineage and Rabjam Rincophe’s strong connection with the lineage was a catalyst for me to seek the empowerments. Naturally, my motivation was on multiple levels since it would great opportunity to photograph a renowned master and find practitioners for the project. Also, my dharma friends told me that these particular  empowerments are pretty rare so I should hop on the opportunity! Anyway, it was a wonderful gathering to inspire my practice and build connections for the project. Lastly, it was a nice delight to be able to photograph Pema Chodron and have drinks with  Chogyam Trungpa’s son, Gesar!