As part of my practice to bring awareness of the Buddhist path through a publication of a book/website, I will eventually be sharing these videos and images to sanghas as well. Through the years of research in finding sanghas/subjects throughout the US, it is clear that volunteers and marketing resources for sanghas is always a challenge. Although I appreciate the historical context that teachers don’t typically ‘market’ the dharma, it is also disheartening to see the variety of spiritual offerings be marketed in this day and age. Eventually, I have thought much about starting a non profit that would focus on serving authentic teachers/sanghas so that it is easier for seekers to find this path. Meanwhile,  I’ve created a few video samples of themes that sanghas can use to embedded on their website to provide a more engaging message about the importance of the sangha, lineage and etc. 

Importance of being in a sangha

Subjects discuss the importance of sangha as part of practice.

Importance of teachers

Subjects discuss role of teacher in vajrayana path. 

Subjects discuss role of teacher in zen lineage.


Subjects discuss the vajrayana path.

Subjects discuss the zen lineage.

The dharma

Subjects discuss a variety of basic teachings from their practice.

Importance of Retreats

Subjects discuss the power of retreats. 

Reframing Buddhism