Obstacles to the path

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Discovery and Refuge

In the modern world where religion is a dirty word and being spiritual (but not religious) is the defacto stance, how does Buddhism stack up?

What is Buddhism?

Importance of Sangha


Ben, a Vajrayana practitioner, compares it to science.

Aaron, a student of zen,
shares his enthusiasm for the question.

Zselyke provides a very practical view of Buddhism.


Establishing A Practice

Fruit of Practice




Mingo's spiritual journey began during their teenage years, driven by a curiosity that extended beyond their Christian upbringing. In search of answers, they explored various religions, ultimately finding a connection with Buddhism and alternative spiritual paths. This exploration led them through phases of atheism and anastism before settling into a belief system rooted in Buddhism.



And that's when I said, I need a break. It is a flier with one of the reverend's doing a retreat at the one Dharma Center, which is like four hours from here in upstate New York. That is my beginning of real, you know, waking up to ways of really cultivating myself under this long spiel. But now that's by way of introduction.



Background Liz is a Korean American who was born and [...]



It wasn't until college that James began to reconcile his identity, discovering and embracing Chicano, African American, Native American, and queer histories, which he had not been exposed to in his earlier education. This period of self-discovery was both exciting and challenging, as it led to difficult conversations with his parents, who viewed his newfound perspectives as rebellious. James' search for a spiritual home led him to explore Buddhism in his 20s. Initially self-taught through books and videos, he was particularly drawn to the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh. It wasn't until 2018-2019 that he discovered Won Buddhism, which resonated deeply with him. The inclusive and non-judgmental community at the LA temple and the One Institute Graduate Studies program provided a safe space for James to explore his identity and spirituality freely.



In Colleen's quest for spiritual fulfillment, the path she embarked upon was marked by unexpected twists and profound encounters. Initially drawn to meditation as a means of relaxation, she found herself inexplicably captivated by the rich tapestry of Buddhist teachings. Her journey took a remarkable turn when she stumbled upon a Tibetan temple, a kaleidoscope of colors and imagery unlike anything she had encountered before. There, she encountered a high-level teacher whose gaze seemed to penetrate her very soul, igniting a sense of familiarity and comfort she couldn't explain.


David M

Raised in a Catholic family, David went through the sacraments and attended a Catholic college, but his move to California after college exposed him to diverse perspectives, sparking a more intentional spiritual exploration. Professionally, David has dedicated the majority of his career to nonprofit management, focusing on contemplative and mindfulness education, environmental education, and their intersections.