The Beginning

Most of us in the west are not born into Buddhism and the journey onto the path is as varied as types of practitioners. From recovery programs and meditation apps to meeting the right teacher at the right time, the challenges of developing a very different view from our upbringing to building a practice, the project explores some of the core themes that many practitioners face during this stage. 

The Middle

For many of us the ‘middle’ of the journey is probably the longest part of the journey. Beyond building a regular practice, the integration of the path through our through lives is a slow but subtly transformative process. The project explores the various ways in which we apply dharma beyond the cushion and dive into the many other practices that build on a foundation of mindfulness. 

The End

Even for lineage masters that have practiced most of the lives, the fruition of the path is a continuing process that goes beyond one lifetime. It would be hardly unsurprising if the practitioners  at this stage stand out in an outwardly way as ordinary perception is met with inward  transformation. Still the challenges and issues at the later stages of practice is any less trivial as the ego reminds ever so more subtle.