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I resonated with Buddhism because of its emphasis on silent meditation. I was always attracted to silent meditation, remembering the quiet time after Communion and silent prayer in Christian traditions. The old saying, “Be quiet and you will know God."

Alex G

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For Alex, the karmic approach resonated, particularly focusing on desire types—those motivated by what they like. He expressed a preference for a lifestyle seamlessly integrated into everyday life, avoiding a disconnect between meditation and regular activities. Alex embraced the concept of tantra, emphasizing the incorporation of spiritual practices into every moment. He discussed the importance of holding a high-level view after meditation, seeing everything as perfect, pure, and full of potential. To him, recognizing the inherent Buddha nature in beings and appreciating the positive aspects of people's lives were paramount.

Alex M

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Growing up, my mother would take my brother and I to Chinese Buddhist Temples scattered around the Bay Area on a very sporadic basis. Usually, just a few times a hour, if that. I wouldn’t say that I was introduced to the dharma per se then, but it does have a place in the memories of my childhood as an introduction to traditions and ritual.

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