When were you first exposed to dharma?

Grew up Jewish. Initially fascinated by the power of the mind, related to athletic performance.

Had interesting spiritual experiences but always felt a separation when i went back to normal life, when i left the retreat. I didn’t see a way to integrate it when im back home with my bud light drinking friends. Buddhism, and specifically Vajrayana Buddhism brings the idea that every single moment is an opportunity to work with our mind, no matter what is happening.


How has the path manifest in your daily experience?

For us, the cushion is the gym, it’s the laboratory. The buddha, our Lama says the world is a dream. Mind is space, it is radiant and indestructible and cant be harmed. If the practice doesn’t function in the world, what use is it?

Alex lives in a Diamond Way
residential center in Boston.

Which sangha do you normally attend?


What is your primary profession?

I run sales and business development for an energy analytics technology company. I hope that my practice has influenced my professional world. Fundamentally I work with people. Whether that is recruiting a new team member, training a new employee, talking with prospective customers and partners or building internal consensus around a strategic direction. Anytime we work with people, we have the potential to put our practice into action. Can i see this person on the highest level full of every potential, even when I disagree with them? This is not easy! Meditation practice gives us some space in our minds to be able to have freedom in the moment to decide what would be most beneficial for the relationship. We try to have a view based on the constant question: “What would bring the most benefit to the most amount of people for the longest amount of time?” I dont really see a separation between our budhist life and work life. Buddhism is a combination of methods to work with our minds to benefit others. Certainly the place where we spend 40 or 50 hours a week in, is a great place to put this into practice.

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