My birth name is Lisa Antinetti and my ordination name is Ngaon Pima and people just call me Pima. And I live currently in Madison, Wisconsin and I’m part of an organization called Joyful Path Meditation and Healing Center. And our parent organization is White Conch Dharma Center and we’re sort of like the city monastery but we’re also a mixed household, residential household of lay practitioners and monastic practitioners. We also have Ngaon Pima in our organization, Ngaon Pima, Yoga-Goredeined. I have served in many roles. I look young for my age but I also started young so I finished college early and I’ve had many roles in the Dharma.

 So I’ve served as a chaplain and I serve as a Dharma teacher in training and what we call a share, which is special training to listen to beginning spiritual questions and help answer questions.

 I’ve served as a chaplain in the hospitals, in skilled nursing facilities and in prisons. So I’ve actually taught secular mindfulness in prisons and I’ve taught Buddhist services in the prison systems.

 I serve in an organization that has a special mission. It’s broader than just teaching Buddhism. It has a healing mission. And so we offer different kinds of programs that help heal the mind, body, spirit continuum. So we have a secular program where we offer mindfulness and stress reduction. We sometimes offer yoga classes.