So both of my parents are actually time practitioners, they both met lama for the first time in 1994, if I remember correctly. And I myself met my root lama first in 1996, so only a year after I was born. So I do not remember this, but after two of my parents, once we moved to Finland, I was about four years old. They were one of the very few Diminué practitioners in Finland at the time, so they became a crucial part of the activity over there. So I remember when I was a kid, they would be the ones. Usually he would host the meditations in Helsinki, where we would live at the time, so we would run this place and use it.

I think once or twice a week and we would store all the statues that the Sangha collectively had in our place. So my parents would always go there. And I remember my brother and I just hanging out there as the song was getting together and meditating. And also when Lamela would come to Finland, I think it happened once or twice that he was also staying in our home. And also, this is how I took refuge. I was actually eight years old when I took refuge in La Mollet, who is my word mama. He was. He was staying in our home and I remember we went up to my parents with my brother and asked if they could ask my mother if he could give us refuge because we didn’t talk English at a time. And so my dad went up and asked us if he would give us refuge, and he said, Of course, absolutely. So we actually took refuge there in our living room, and it was was a very memorable moment. But it’s interesting because now looking back, you know, eight year old children, they’re so young. But I really remember this strong feeling that that I really understood what it was and I I really wanted this refuge. And so this is how I like a refuge. And we also had met up on several instances and occasions and also other high lamas such as Show Marian Butcher and Shrub Yards and Rainbow Changing Malaria. 

Zselyke has spent a lot of time
in a number of Diamond Way Centers.

And we participated in several empowerment over the years, and many times we would attend these courses with my parents, and there was an interesting balance of play, but still sometimes going to meditations and attending empowerment, and it was always very natural. So sometimes if we would feel like if we would go and sit in meditation for a while and whenever we didn’t want to be there, we just weren’t. So it was it was a very natural part of our life and we would spend a lot of summers also with my parents traveling and going through these different meditation courses. And yeah, it was interesting when we would go back to school after a summer like this, our friends or teachers, they would ask us, So how did you spend your summer? And then people were saying, Oh, well, me and my parents, we went on a trip to Thailand and spent time on the beach or Spain or whatever, and we would spend her. We would spend their summers camping in Poland and doing things like that because that’s where courses were held and within our lineage at a time. So, so it was an interesting experience.

You can think of Buddhism almost like a toolbox
where, you know, whenever you’re faced with a challenge,
you kind of look into your toolbox
and you find the right solution almost.

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